Press Release: Evercam Launches A Powerful New Tool Set To Advance The Abilities of Visual Documentation in Construction

Today, Evercam Construction Cameras – the leading construction time-lapse company, announced the launch of their new video creation tool – The Time-Lapse Creator. The new product is now available to all of their customers. Evercam’s Time-Lapse Creator is a feature within the platform that enables users to create unlimited time-lapse videos instantly and offers a new way for construction project teams to connect and enhance communications.  

Construction time-lapse videos have been used for marketing purposes for many years, but their value goes far beyond that. Construction site teams can use video footage to track project milestones, identify issues early on, and improve safety protocols. When used correctly, video can be an invaluable data source for construction projects. Evercam has been selling into the construction industry for almost 10 years, and through feedback and research with their global client base, it is clear that video has an important place in construction project communications. Evercam clients are using time-lapse videos for much more than marketing, instead, video can be treated like another data source on a construction site. It’s evident that Construction time-lapse videos have a valuable place in project management and communications. However, successful communication needs to be prompt, that’s why Evercam chose to develop a tool that offers their clients the ability to create a time-lapse video instantly.

The Time-Lapse Creator is an essential addition to our product offering” says David Morley, Chief Product Officer of Evercam “Our customers have been asking for a product to develop their own videos for internal updates like this for some time, ” commented Morley. “Now we are delighted to be able to offer a solution by putting our tools in the hands of our customers”.

Features and benefits of the Time-Lapse Creator include:

Unlimited video

Video is a powerful data source that can be leveraged to provide accurate, up-to-date information about construction progress. Previously time-lapse videos were always used for end-of-project showcases and marketing. Now, video use is prominent in the day-to-day communications workflow of project teams. Evercam knew that they needed to create a tool that would empower their users to have instant access to time-lapse videos that could meet the demands of the industry. 

The Time-Lapse Creator will democratize the way in which project teams interact and share time-lapse videos. In the past, construction time-lapses were often only used by project managers and marketing teams. This new feature was developed based on the feedback of Evercam customers who needed an easy-to-use way to access relevant time-lapse videos, ready to be downloaded and shared within minutes.

Evercam’s Time-Lapse Creator is now available to all Evercam customers from today. For more information on all of Evercam’s time-lapse products, visit.

Company Description

About Evercam

Evercam is the industry-leading provider of construction camera software that aims to increase construction productivity by improving project visibility and team communications. Evercam’s software uses artificial intelligence, BIM, and project management software integrations to make multiple data points easily accessible from within their platform for their customers. Evercam has tripled its number of employees in the past two years and now has 400+ projects live in over 10 countries. The company’s mission is to increase construction productivity by improving project visibility and team communications. They are building a product that gives customers access to as much data as possible through photographic reality capture on a construction site. For more information visit