Tunstall Emergency Response Develop an Evercam Solution

Tunstall Emergency Response are the leading remote healthcare monitoring company in Ireland with over 38,000 connected homes.

The task was to be able to offer their clients the additional security of a video connection from their call centre, but there were some strict criteria:

  1. If the client had an existing CCTV system, this had to be incorporated.

  2. The call centre agents should only be allowed to access the system under very strictly limited conditions (i.e. an active call).

  3. A log had to be kept of every video interaction and the footage.

Operator View

All in all, a perfect scenario to use Evercam !

The finished product relies on some great problem solving solutions to give the most hassle-free, secure experience for Tunstall operators.

A network listener determines the nature of an incoming call, and, where appropriate opens the relevant video stream on the second monitor of the call-centre operative. The video stream remains open for the duration of the call and will follow the call if it is transferred within the call-centre.

Best of all, the solution is sure to work with any CCTV system that is capable of producing a video stream.