Dublin Bus operates the Public Service Obligation network in the Greater Dublin Area under a contract of services with the National Transport Authority.

A detached five-bay, two-story former railway terminus, dated 1850, is now being used as a bus depot.

This project consisted of the construction of a repair garage, chassis wash and chassis line consisting of over 60t of structural steel.

Construction in Progress

Preexisting sunken pits have been deepened and have been formed as a bus maintenance area adding drainage connections. The new internal structure has an area of 535 m sq. on the ground floor and 295 m sq. on the first floor for storage.

Evercam installed 3 Cameras on the construction site to monitor and record each and every step.

Camera view of construction in final stages

2 cameras were installed on the outside to record and monitor the structure which was being built and the 3rd camera was installed inside the depot to closely monitor the internal construction.

Inside Camera View of Dublin Bus Depot

Dublin Bus Presentation